Dmitry Smirnov

Backend Developer // DevOps

Born on November 2, 1997 in Pushkino, Moscow Region, not married.
Able to work in a team, communicative, executive, single-minded, educable, punctual.


Python Backend Developer

Since Nov 2021

KPMG (Kept), Moscow

Projects: Automated anti-fraud system in enterprise

Role: Python Backend Developer


  • Development of stateless microservices

  • Development of Kafka AVRO consumers/producers

  • Database architecture design and implementation

  • Participation in the design of the architecture and logic of the system

  • Ensuring a high degree of services reliability

  • Development of simple frontend services for the temporary needs of the project

  • Communication with the customer to resolve issues of access / request for resources

Stack: Python 3 FastAPI Django REST framework PostgreSQL Pydantic Docker GitLab CI Kafka OpenShift JS

Role: DevOps


  • Deploy and administration of PostgreSQL high-available cluster of 3 nodes with Patroni and Ansible

  • Setup GitLab CI pipelines

  • OpenShift / OKD administration

  • Configuring monitoring and error notifications with Grafana and Sentry

  • Deploy of ClickHouse

Stack: RHEL PostgreSQL Patroni Ansible HAProxy Keepalived Etcd GitLab CI OpenShift OKD Grafana Sentry ClickHouse

Technical Solutions Architect

Sep 2020 - Jun 2021

IBM East Europe / Asia, Moscow

Projects: IBM Client Center Booking System, Aeroflot Flight Crew and Schedule Planning System, Deposit Adviser App, Realtime Sign Language Recognition

Role: Backend & Frontend Developer


  • Migration of Python Scripts (x86, Selenium UI autotests) to IBM Power (ppc64le architecture); Solution helped sell a project runs on IBM Power servers only, which led to greater profits for the project

  • Design and development of "IBM Client Center Moscow Booking System" using Node.JS, jQuery, and also deploying PostgreSQL, migration data from MySQL to PostgreSQL, setup replication with two instances of PostgreSQL in two different VPN networks

  • OpenShift cluster administration, intstall and configuring Keycloak, IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D)

  • Frontend and backend development for "Realtime Russian Sign Language Recognition" web application using Mediapipe, Flask and Watson AI

  • Development of mobile applications with React Native and web applications with React

Stack: Python 3 Flask Selenium Node.JS PostgreSQL Docker Gitlab IBM PowerPC OpenShift React React Native IBM Watson Keycloak CP4D

Junior Architect

Mar 2020 - Aug 2020

IBM East Europe / Asia, Moscow

Projects: Early Animal Diseases AI Predicting System, Garbage Collection Monitoring (DIT of Moscow) and a lot of internal projects

Role: Backend Developer, DevOps, Data Science


  • Database architecture desing, deploy and administration, programming with pl/pgsql

  • Data labeling for "Garbage Collection Monitoring" system (IBM Visual Insights)

  • Data labeling for multiple internal NLP projects

  • Developing of MVP application of extraction of named entities from contracts and agreements

  • Participation in data labeling for IBM COVID-19 FAQ (Russian) chatbot, made with Watson Assistant

  • UNIX VMs Administration (RHEL / Ubuntu)

Stack: PostgreSQL Python OpenCV PyTorch IBM Visual Insights Watson Knowledge Studio Watson Assistant Watson Translator Watson NLU JSON RHEL Ubuntu

Junior DevOps

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

CROC Inc, Moscow

Projects: Internal Learning, Production Servers Updates

Role: DevOps


  • Update Network Node Manager iSPI in producation environment

  • UNIX systems administration (Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, OpenSUSE), passed internal exams

  • Learning virtualization, hypervisors (KVM, QEMU), development of bash / python scripts for automatic VMs creation

  • Learning RPA (UiPath)

  • Learning Python, SQL

  • Networking (DHCP, VRRP, VPN, VLAN, ARP, NTP, etc), learning CCNA



Master of Computer Science

2019 - 2021

Moscow Power-Engineering Institute

Department: Automation and Computer Engineering

Study Program: Computing Machines, Systems and Networks

Scope: Computer Science

GPA: 4.9 (Honors Degree)

Skills: Python Django SQL Unix C/C++ Blockchain Solidity Web3 Cryptography RSA C# MPI CUDA Continious Integration (CI) OpenMP FPGA (VHDL) Object-Oriented Programming Networks UML

Bachelor of Computer Science

2015 - 2019

Moscow Power-Engineering Institute

Department: Automation and Computer Engineering

Study Program: Computing Machines, Systems and Networks

Scope: Computer Science

Skills: Python Django SQL C/C++ Math Analysis Linear Algebra Machine Learning Cryptography Object-Oriented Programming Networks


Python: basics and applications



The basic principles of the Python 3 language were studied: objects, functions and the call stack, namespaces and scope, introduction to classes and their inheritance. Error handling mechanisms and working with exceptions, creating and importing modules, iterators and generators were studied, the basics of working with the file system and files, familiarization with PEP8, as well as text analysis methods, data parsing, working with the API were mastered.

Stack: Python 3 PEP8 Exceptions Generators Iterators OOP API


NDG Linux Essentials


Cisco Network Academy

Understand the Linux operating system

Have demonstrated the ability to navigate a Linux system

Can execute the power of the Linux command line

Possess knowledge of Linux security and file permissions

Have the motivation to advance IT career

Stack: Linux CLI Bash Permissions Security


Personal Projects

EVC Parts Catalogue

Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

First Tesla vehicles original spare parts catalog in Russia. It was made for EVC Group, service engineering company dealing with Tesla and Porsche electric vehicles.

Stack: Python 3 Django PostgreSQL Ubuntu Nginx Gunicorn Bootstrap 5 jQuery

EVCAR: cars shop & configurator (currently in develop)

Since Oct 2022

Tesla vehicles online shop and configurator.

Stack: Python 3 FastAPI Pydantic PostgreSQL Ubuntu Nginx React Next.JS